Honours Year


It’s really happening, friends: I’m going back to school. I’m going to be a postgraduate student, and I’m going to get my honours qualification.

A few days before Christmas I received a letter from my university, inviting me to consider enrolling to study honours in history in 2017. On the 9th of January, one day before applications were due, I submitted mine.

Only now, in mid-Feb, after I’ve had meetings with the honours coordinator and potential supervisors and started thinking about my research proposal, does it feel real.

If everything falls into place and stays that way, I’m going to be a rather busy bee this year. I’ve kept my jobs serving drinks at functions and tutoring high school students, so on top of full-time postgraduate studies I have a feeling I’ll be kept very entertained. There’s a part of me that’s nervous – for a long time I wasn’t convinced that this was the right decision, but having had no luck finding full-time work it also felt like the only decision. But mostly I’m just excited to be busy again.

My dream for this year now is to master the organizational side of things. If I can keep everything in my life organized, and be super disciplined and engaged when it comes to studying, then this year should come off without a hitch. Using my diary for everything. Exercising regularly. Eating decently. Making my bed every morning. Less procrastinating and more doing the damn things. Stuff like that.

Another – potentially rather ambitious – thing I want to do is to vlog my honours year. I know that could mean a lot of work on top of a lot of work, and it seems stupid that I’m voluntarily doing all of this. But I love vlogging, it’s like a visual diary that I can look back on whenever I want to remember both the hard work and the rewarding times. And I thought it might be interesting (and potentially helpful to anyone considering doing honours) to keep track of my progress through vlogs.

I don’t know. This post is just about one of the big things that’s happening for me this year.

(Here’s the first lame vlog in what is probably going to be a series of lame vlogs about my Honours study.)


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