Slow Down

slow down2.png

I want to –

go for afternoon walks by myself, listening to slow calm music so that I see the world in a slow calm way. walk in the rain and in bright light, on hot days and cold days.

go for late night walks with a friend, or friends, under the lights of the city that we recognise differently in the dark. sit on the waterfront and let the wind slap some colour into our cheeks. talk about the things that make us happy. talk about the things that make us afraid.

make tea. lots and lots of cups of tea (English breakfast is my favourite, I love jasmine green tea too). tea is cosy and comforting, no matter what mood I’m in.

buy new books – there is no better smell in the world than the fresh pages of a brand-new book. find quiet little spots to sit and read my books, preferably while drinking cups of tea.

be spontaneous and call up friends last-minute for coffee or walks. try places we’ve never been before, have new foods and drinks for the very first time. go out in the rain without a jacket and get gleefully soaked to the skin. take a bus out to the beach on a grey day in the middle of winter and kick around on the sand. feel the sharp air go down our throats and shock our lungs.

get drunk and go down the big slide at Frank Kitts park in the wee hours of the morning. feel the simplicity of exhilaration, take in the grubby lonely playground, be thrilled that I’m here at an odd hour after dark and this small part of the city feels like it’s all mine. enjoy the fade of intoxication into sleepy sobriety on the way home.


This wee project was a slow burner, which seems appropriate. It started one night when I couldn’t sleep, and I was thinking about all the little memories I already had and all the ones I’d like to yet make. It came from fear that I was too focused on the bigger picture (postgrad, work, career) that I wasn’t making enough time to appreciate the smaller things. Like spending time with friends. Soaking up the late afternoon sun. Not just drinking tea, but properly enjoying it. I wanted to leave myself something that would remind me to slow down sometimes, so I wrote this.

The voiceover you hear in the video was recorded on my phone a few days after, when I had the idea to make a vlog out of the little reminder I’d written for myself. It’s different from the other vlogs I’ve made. I hope it shows that a lot of care went into making it, from footage collected over a month and a half. It captures summer in my two homes (Wellington and Hastings), it captures some of my favourite people and places, it’s a little glimpse into my life over this January and February. 

I really really like it. And I hope you do too.





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