Changed My Blog Name.


Summer. Hastings Showgrounds, 1/1/2017.

You might have noticed I changed the name of my blog (or you might not, I imagine not everyone pays such close attention to me as I do). Here’s why.

This blog started out as a space for me to talk about mental illness, both personally and generally, and to track the progress of my recovery. At the time, Iron Beth felt like a fitting moniker to adopt, both because it was a nickname given to me by someone I’m very fond of and because it conveyed the sense of strength and heroism I wanted to feel in overcoming the worst anxiety had to throw at me. But that was two years ago now, and a lot has changed for me since then, as it naturally would.

I recently came to the realisation that I no longer found any enjoyment in blogging, or even visiting my blog to look back on recent posts. I want to make this a space I feel happy and comfortable coming to. I want my blog to be a space I enjoy. Hence the new layout, and hence the name-change.

In a way, I feel like I’ve outgrown Iron Beth. Which isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the name any more… it just no longer felt like me, I guess. I want to just be Beth from now on. Beth who has her ups and downs and likes to see the world through a gritty poetic lens. Beth who is vulnerable and insecure and sometimes eats nugget burgers for dinner at 11pm slightly tipsy sitting in her room by herself. I want to get used to myself, because I feel like I never quite have. I want to get used to feeling okay with not always feeling okay.

That’s all there is to it, really. A name change to suit a tone change. And hopefully a new little era of blogging.


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