VLOGMAS / A Daily Video Diary

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but in case you somehow haven’t: I love making videos. I haven’t done it anywhere near as much as I’d like this year, but in the month of December I think I’ll be making up for that. What better excuse to film and edit every day than to take part in Vlogmas?

Vlogmas is sort of a YouTube tradition. The idea is to vlog (make a sort of visual diary entry about your day) every day in the lead-up to Christmas. It’s a fun way to share Christmas cheer and get excited about the festive season. I’m particularly enamoured by the concept because I so love the idea of creating a visual diary of a month in my life that I’ll be able to look back on in future years, and remember what I was doing in December 2016.

Making vlogs is a creative outlet and a source of happiness for me. The editing part of the process is definitely the most enjoyable and exciting part for me; I just find it so interesting to take the raw clips that I shot on my camera and edit them together into something neat and coherent. But I also love the process as a whole, including the filming part. Especially so when I’m filming beautiful scenery, such as the Wellington waterfront in the evening – as you’ll see in the above vlog.

Doing Vlogmas is also a great opportunity for me to practise practise practise when it comes to video-making, and improve my skills in filming, editing and talking to my camera like a narcissistic idiot.

And so begins my first year of Vlogmas. I do hope you’ll watch my Day 1 video, and I hope that you enjoy it! If you want to see my face every single day from now until Christmas (Jesus H. Christ), all you have to do is check back on my YouTube channel and there’ll be a new vlog for you every evening. And of course, feel free to subscribe if u like the things I do.

Happy Vlogmas!


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