Sakura Bath Bomb


Spring perfection in a ball.

Springtime bathing is not complete without a Sakura bath bomb from Lush. As the name suggests, it’s made to evoke Japanese cherry blossoms coming into bloom. I don’t buy this bath bomb any other time of year, but for spring it is my absolute favourite. I’d even go so far as to say that Sakura perfectly evokes the feeling of a warm spring day and the relief it brings after winter.

One of the things I love about Sakura is its simplicity. It’s a perfect white sphere with pink and blue salts on the top. When you place it in the bath, it sinks to the bottom immediately and after a quick burst of intense fizzing, it’s done its work and your bath is ready to dip into. Sakura does not colour your bathwater at all, so I wouldn’t recommend it for people who prefer their bath products to be showy and colourful. But I genuinely do love the fact that it fills the water with the sweet and refreshing scent of cherry blossoms without doing anything else. Sometimes you just need a plain, no-frills bath. For those occasions, Sakura is perfect and I love it.

This year I used my Sakura at night time, and took a long bath by candlelight. It was one of the best baths I’ve had in a long time. Incomparably relaxing. I slept wonderfully afterwards and was left feeling uplifted and hopeful, with my skin smelling like spring. The combination of orange flower, mimosa and lemon oil makes Sakura to be both a serene and refreshing bathing experience. If you love floral scents and simple, calming baths, you’ll find Sakura bath bomb to be utterly perfect.


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