Northern Lights bath bomb


Aurora borealis in my bathtub? Don’t mind if I do.

I’ve been excited to try this baby ever since I found out it was among the products being released for Christmas this year. I’d been expecting a gorgeous display from Northern Lights, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. In terms of aesthetics in the water, this has to be one of Lush’s most successful creations yet – at least, that I’ve tried. Its performance is right up there with my absolute favourites (Intergalactic, Twilight and Lord of Misrule). Me, my parents and even my cat were all gathered around the bathtub, watching in awe as it delivered surprise after surprise. We were amazed at all the different things Northern Lights did, and astounded at the skill that’s gone into making it that way.

As you’d expect, Northern Lights produces bands of blue, pink, yellow and purple across the surface of water that it quickly turns deep bluish-purple. As it fizzes, the streams of bright colour shift and change across the night sky of your bath. So, it really does evoke the stunning images of aurora borealis. It’s pretty bloody excellent.

Let’s talk about the scent, because that’s always important. Northern Lights contains scents of ylang ylang oil and jasmine, so the aroma is floral and heady and sensual. I’m not usually a big fan of ylang ylang and jasmine scented products, but I honestly didn’t mind the smell of Northern Lights. Didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either. To me, it’s a very tropical combination of smells. It makes me imagine myself relaxing on a beach on an island paradise. Perhaps this is my greatest problem with the smell of Northern Lights: the tropical smell doesn’t match the wintry, arctic name and look.

Yes, that would be my biggest complaint. With a Northern Lights bath bomb, I would have expected a much more fresh, invigorating smell. Something earthy, evoking pine forests and the bracing northern cold. Something like the smell of Needles and Pines shower jelly (which, by the way, I absolutely love). My goodness, if Northern Lights smelled like Needles and Pines it would have instantly become a new favourite for me.

If I were in the northern hemisphere, where it’s going into winter, I would not be a happy chappy about a bath bomb that smelled like a tropical garden. However! Having said all that about the scent not matching the design, I’ll admit I rather enjoyed a floral bath. But that’s mostly down to the fact that it’s spring here, and I enjoy floral scents best this time of year. It was a nice springtime treat for me.

When I got out of my Northern Lights bath, my skin was covered in a fine dusting of silver glitter. Now that, at least, is festive. And pretty glorious.

It’s worth getting a Northern Lights just for the beautiful bath art it creates. I’m not going to be rushing out to buy more before they’re out of stock, but I would recommend trying it, especially to anyone who loves the smell of jasmine.

$9.50 each at Lush NZ.


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