Lush Christmas Range: First Thoughts

Golden Wonder, Shoot for the Stars and So White bath bombs. Photos:

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, and the sun peeps its head out from behind blustery Wellington clouds… in come all the festive delights for a holiday meant for winter!

It feel weird to be talking about Christmas in October for a couple of reasons. One, it’s literally October; Christmas is still two and a half months away. And I’m kinda mad that I’ve been seeing Christmas stuff creeping its way into shops since September (looking at you, David Jones). Two – and this surprised even me – I feel a bit Christmassed-out at the moment to really get into the spirit of it. For me, Christmas was in July and as you know I went hard on all the festive stuff, so I’m quite happy to wait like another nine months before I do it again. It just feels beyond wrong now, seeing all these pine trees and winter-themed decorations hitting the stores in spring, yano?

But there’s one lot of Christmas stuff I did get very excited to see in the shops earlier this month. And you already know what that is.

So the Lushmas 2016 range is now in New Zealand stores and on the website. And, of course, I have thoughts on it I’d like to share.

New Friends.

Shall we start by talking about a few exciting new Lushmas goodies? A new Christmas shower gel has been introduced alongside the usual culprits this year. It’s called Bubbly, and when I heard that it had orange oil and grape juice in it I could not wait to get my hands on one. It was the first thing I put in my basket when I rushed into Lush Old Bank, having heard the Christmas range was out. I’ve not used it yet, but it smells incredible: sweet and zesty and uplifting. The smell and the colour both remind me a lot of orange soda. Which, ugh, I’m so stoked about how lovely this will be to use over a summery Christmas period.

I don’t remember if this was out last year, but if it was I certainly missed it… this year, Snow Fairy has been turned into FUN. (Don’t worry, she’s still out in a shower gel too.) After midwinter Lushmas, I’m definitely a converted fan of the Snow Fairy scent. But to me, it’s so sugary and festive that I can’t imagine enjoying it at this time of year. Nevertheless, I was so excited at the thought of Snow Fairy bubble baths that I’ve ordered a pot of Snow Fairy Fun, and I’m going to tuck it away until winter rolls around once more.

Two old Lushmas favourites that both got makeovers this year are Shoot for the Stars and Northern Lights bath bombs. I picked up one of each, and I’m very excited to try them both. I’m sure I’ll put reviews up once I have done.

Shoot for the Stars shares its scent with the Honey I Washed the Kids range, which is one of my favourite Lush scents. This year, it’s bright blue! And it has little golden star-shaped bath melts inside it! If that’s not luxurious, I don’t know what is. I’ve never had a Northern Lights before, but it just looks like it will create the most beautiful bath. I feel like the floral, “sensual” (according to Lush) scent will be great for this time of year as well.

There’s a new lip tint out this year called Sugar Plum Fairy, and it smells like The Comforter! Yas queen! You bet I grabbed one. In the tube it’s a deep shimmery purple; on the lips it comes out a dark pink. It’s not heavy and drying like Santa Baby lip tint tends to be. The colour is sheer and smooth. There’s also a lip scrub out to match, but I’ve yet to pick one of those up. I might have to get on that before the season’s out!

Speaking of things I’ve yet to purchase, Christingle Body Conditioner is back, and I didn’t try it last year beyond a free sample, but I’m super keen to get in on that tingly minty goodness this time around.

Old Loves.

Get out of my fucking way, Rose Jam is back for another year! The incomparably delightful zingy-rose scent is wonderful at any time of the year, but makes a perfect companion for springtime washes. I swear to God, if there ever comes a Christmas where they don’t bring back Rose Jam, Lush may well be lost to me forever. Get some get some get some.

So White bath bomb is back again too, even if the shower gel still isn’t. This bath bomb is always enormously popular and sells out crazy fast, and there’s good reason for that. While it might not be the most exciting-looking or showy ballistic, it more than makes up for what it lacks in aesthetics with its incredible crisp apple scent. I love that this comes out at Christmastime too, because it’s perfect for a refreshing summer bath.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Lushmas without a Golden Wonder, that big old glittery present-shaped bath bomb that so many people adore. When you put it in the bath, the glittery gold outsides fizz away to reveal a blue-green centre. Your bath water will be reminiscent of a summer ocean, with veins of gold stars shimmering through it. It’s impossible to describe what Golden Wonder smells like, beyond that it’s citrusy and festive and sweet and comforting all at once.


I gotta be real with you, some of the Christmas products just aren’t doin’ it for me. That fucking snowman jelly is back again – why? I’m sorry if you’re a fan, but I just don’t understand the appeal. In theory it’s a nice idea, but IRL these jellies just look like sploogey white globs. And why does it smell like the carrot bubble bars from Easter? m8, dass not wot a snowman should smell like.

Santa’s Belly also looks terrible this year. Don’t get me wrong, it smells like So White, which is an incredible scent – but the product lacks structural integrity, so I’m not planning on wasting my money this time around. The one I saw in the shop was already crumbling to pieces after only hours of being out, which makes me think it’d do the same in my shower after a couple of uses. I’m not here for that bullshit. So White shower gel or nothing, please.

I’m also very annoyed that Lush NZ has released their Christmas range well before the Halloween range this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love that there are heaps of exciting limited edition products out right now. However, to me it makes no sense that all the festive stuff is out but the spoopy stuff isn’t. At the very least, surely they could have released both ranges together. Right now I be sittin’ here like “where the pumpkin bath bombs at???”.

To add injury to insult, here in New Zealand we have far from received the full Christmas range yet There’s a significant amount of products out in the UK that aren’t available here, and to prove my point I’m gonna list them all:

  • Yog Log Roulade
  • Mr Sandman Dusting Powder
  • Igloo Soap
  • Candy Cane Roulade
  • Snowie Bubble Bar
  • The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
  • Star Dust Bath Bomb
  • Buche de Noel Facial Cleanser
  • The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

So, wow. That’s a lot of things. I don’t remember this being a thing in previous years at all, and I’m confused about what’s going on there. I guess all I can do is hope that the rest of the Christmas products make it to us closer to actual Xmastime.

Make Lushmas Great Again!


Some of my favourite Lushmas loves are gone gone gone this year. Where’s my beloved Cinders bath bomb, my new favourite Yog Nog bath bomb, or the fabulous Yog Nog soap? Why haven’t the Reindeer Rock soaps been released in NZ? Instead we’ve got a bunch of gimmicky reusable bubble bars that smell like citrus. I’m sorely missing some spicy, cosy, almondy treats. Almost as much as I miss Harambe.

So those are just my initial thoughts on the Christmas Lush selection this year. There’s stuff I love, and stuff I don’t love, but overall I’d say I’m pretty happy with the turnout.


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