Salted Coconut Hand Scrub


It’s a blustery, freezing cold night in Wellington (I thought it was meant to be spring???), and even though I posted yesterday, I just felt like getting all cosy and doing a spot of blogging after work. I’m also really feeling the Lush product reviews at the moment, so here’s another one – and a good’un this time!

Lush’s new hand scrub, Salted Coconut, is a decadent dream. I first received a sample of it in one of my bath bomb orders when it had just been released. Aside from the summer I worked in a kitchen, I’ve never had particularly dry or peely hands, so a hand scrub is not something I’d ever think I’d want. But when Salted Coconut came into my life, I was a changed woman.

Months later, my lovely flatmate/soulmate/best friend Kate got me a tub of Salted Coconut for our midwinter Christmas celebrations. She was like, “I hope this is okay, I hope you like it”, and I was like “ARE YOU KIDDING OF COURSE I DO”. I’d secretly been lusting after it since I finished the sample I was sent, but since it’s quite pricey and not something I actually felt like I needed as part of my skincare routine, I could never justify getting it for myself.


Aside from how extravagantly costly it is, I really can’t fault Salted Coconut. I don’t think words can quite capture how amazing it makes your hands feel after you’ve used it, but basically every time I use it my hands feel brand new afterwards. It leaves them feeling insanely soft, moisturized and squeaky clean. I can’t stress that first point enough: it makes my hands feel SO SOFT IT’S OTHERWORLDLY.  It’s not harsh at all, it’s so creamy (especially for a scrub!) and feels so lovely to use. It has sea salt in it which exfoliates any dirt and dead skin on your hands, and it also contains coconut oil and argan oil which make your hands feel soft and healthy but not greasy at all. I’ve never met a product that cares for my hands as much as Salted Coconut does.

If that wasn’t enough, it also smells incredible. As you’d expect, it smells like coconut – the coconut oil gives it a refreshing, summery fragrance; it’s a light scent and not too sweet, and it lingers on your hands for ages after you’ve used it. I genuinely hope that Lush bring out more products with this scent – a Salted Coconut soap would be amazing. Until such a day arrives, I’ll continue enjoying my lavish hand scrub. A little goes a long way, so I’m going to get to enjoy it for some time yet.

If your hands are particularly dry or hard-worn, I would 100% recommend getting a sample of Salted Coconut and giving it a try. It may just change your life. And you know that’s high praise coming from me, because I have a hard time finding hand products I get along with, let alone ones I adore.


Salted Coconut retails at $23.50 per 130g tub


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