Needles and Pines – The Perfect Shower Jelly


In the past I’ve been a little ambivalent about Lush’s shower jellies. If you’ve never heard of a shower jelly, they’re basically what they sound like: blobs of jelly soap that you can use to wash yourself in the shower. They’re fun and hilarious but also quite impractical. Especially if you like to take quick, no-nonsense showers, because a shower jelly is the opposite of that. They wibble and wobble and you’ll drop it more times than you can count. They also have a tendency to break apart once you get to the end of them, which can be quite annoying. To me, shower jellies were silly and fun, something I’d very occasionally get, but I’d never been a regular user.

That was before I met Needles and Pines, of course.

Needles and Pines is a relatively new addition to Lush’s shower jelly range (in New Zealand, at least), only hitting stores a few months ago. I picked up a small one about a month ago because it smelled nice and I was enchanted by the cool green colour, but little did I know of the love affair that was about to blossom.

Blossom is probably the wrong word, given that this is a very evergreen-themed product, in case you hadn’t picked that up from the name. But you get the picture. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with a shower jelly, of all things. But fall I did. And hard.

I am convinced that Needles and Pines is a perfect product. The pinnacle of shower jelly achievement. The jelly to which all other jellies should aspire, and strive to be. An exquisite specimen that could only have been created by the hand of some forest spirit or shower god. Let me tell you why: it ticks all my boxes for what I want in a shower product.

First, and most importantly, Needles and Pines does its job: it gets me clean. This shower jelly lathers beautifully, so you can choose to either rub it directly all over your skin, or lather it up in your hands like a soap and wash yourself with the lather. It feels nourishing, and doesn’t dry me out. The carrageenan extract in this jelly makes it a treat for the skin, and leaves me feeling not only squeaky clean but also super soft. Basically, Needles and Pines feels incredible to use – above and beyond what I was expecting. My skin loves it.

Moving on to what is probably my favourite thing about this jelly: its phenomenal smell. As you might expect from the name, Needles and Pines’ scent is reminiscent of an evergreen pine forest. (Or maybe even a Christmas tree!) Given it’s still winter here in New Zealand, it’s the perfect time of year for earthy, foresty scents. Pine needle and cypress leaf infusion, Siberian pine nut oil, cedarwood oil and grapefruit blend together to create a scent unlike anything else I’ve smelled at Lush. It’s refreshing and energising, yet also somehow relaxing and comforting, making it perfect to wake you up on cold winter mornings, or relax your muscles after an evening gym session or a late night at work. If you haven’t already, next time you find yourself near a Lush store you need to pop in and give this jelly a smell. I can’t stress enough how much I love it.


Needles and Pines jelly. I wish I could somehow take a picture of the smell, because it’s amazing.

I don’t need to say much about the colour – you can see for yourself what a stunning deep green this jelly is. I will say that I think it’s important for a product to look lovely, as well as feeling and smelling great, and Needles and Pines certainly is a gorgeous looking jelly. I think all Lush’s shower jellies look incredible, to be honest. But Needles and Pines is definitely one of the prettiest.

Importantly, Needles and Pines holds its structural integrity no matter how much or how hard you use it. Unlike other Lush shower jellies I’ve tried, I haven’t experienced any cracking or crumbling or falling to pieces with this one. This is something I wasn’t expecting at all, and was pleasantly surprised by. I know some people like to break little pieces off their jellies to use, but I prefer to scoop the whole thing out of the pot and use it like a (squishy, wobbly) soap. It’s not too difficult to keep a hold of in the shower either, although as it’s gotten smaller it has occasionally slipped out of my hands. But that’s not a bother to me. Everyone drops the soap sometimes.

Lastly, the price. At $8.50 per 100g / $14.50 per 250g, Needles and Pines is definitely one of the most affordable shower products Lush has to offer. I’m always on the lookout for products that are both incredible and affordable, and Needles and Pines definitely hits the mark here.

All-in-all, I was blown away by this little green jelly. I mean, clearly – since I’ve managed to write a whole bloody post just about how much I love it. I honestly would say that Needles and Pines is one of my favourite Lush products ever.




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