Lush Solid Cleansers


Since I’m always trying out different skincare and makeup products, I thought I may as well start writing more reviews of the ones I’ve tried here on my blog. I love reading other bloggers’ reviews of different skincare and makeup products, as I find it very helpful to read what other people think about a product if I’m considering getting it. Hopefully my reviews will be helpful to people, too – I’m always honest about my thoughts on the products I use.

This post is going to be about Lush solid cleansers. If you’ve never seen or used one before, they come in 100g pots, and you use it by pinching off a small piece and mixing it in your hand with a few drops of water until it becomes a paste. Then you apply it to your face, work it in with your fingers to give your skin a thorough scrub, and rinse it off. It sounds pretty weird, but after I got over myself and gave it a try, I came to really like it. If you’re still confused, go into a Lush store and ask a staff member to demonstrate how to use them. They’re always really friendly and helpful.

Over the past year I’ve tried four of the solid cleansers from Lush, and here are my thoughts on them!

Angels on Bare Skin.



At first glance, Angels on Bare Skin doesn’t seem like much, but when I first tried it I saw why it’s one of Lush’s best-selling and most well-known cleansers ever. Ingredients include lavender oil and rose absolute, which gives Angels a soothing, earthy aroma. When I used it, I found that it calmed and cleared not only my skin, but my head as well. I love that this cleanser does more than just cleanse my skin, but is also beneficial for my mood. I’ve been through at least two tubs of this, and I can highly recommend it, especially for people who struggle with stress or anxiety like me and love relaxing scents. If you love the smell of lavender, you’ll love Angels.

A fun little tidbit about this product is that it’s adapted from a recipe that’s been around since medieval times – according to the Lush website, people used to use a similar recipe to cleanse their skin almost a thousand years ago! I’ll be honest: in terms of keeping my skin clear and free of breakouts, Angels does a pretty good job but it’s not mind-blowingly amazing and definitely not the best cleanser out there in its price bracket. However, for the simplicity of the recipe and its relaxing effect, I have to admit sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. If you’ve never tried a Lush cleanser before, I recommend giving Angels a go.

$19.50 per 100g.

Dark Angels.



Dark Angels is the cleanser I’m currently using. I only started using it a couple of weeks ago, but already I’m noticing a big difference in my skin. My skin type is oily/combination – I tend to get a bit of an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and I get blackheads and hormonal breakouts. So I’m always on the hunt for skincare products that will help with oil control.

Dark Angels was conceived as an alternative to Angels on Bare Skin for people with an oily skin type. So if you have normal or dry skin, I would imagine this cleanser would be too hardcore for you. But so far, my oily T-zone seems to be loving it.

Dark Angels contains powdered charcoal, which gives it its black colour; charcoal is known to be great at absorbing oil and drawing out impurities. Rhassoul mud is another key ingredient, used for deep cleansing and grease removal. The black sugar in this cleanser acts as a powerful (but gentle!) exfoliant so your skin feels really squeaky clean after use.

This product seems set to become my all-time favourite cleanser – not just from Lush, but of all the cleansers I’ve tried. The ingredients seem to work perfectly for my skin type, and my skin always feels deeply cleansed but not dried out after using it. If you too have oilier skin, I’d highly recommend giving it a go!

$19.50 per 100g.




This was the cleanser I was first recommended when I went into Lush and said I wanted something to control my breakouts. Ingredients include rosemary, nettle powder, chamomile and ground almonds which are meant to purify and soften the skin while refreshing the complexion. It’s supposed to be great for oily, spotty skin. Though it sounds amazing on paper, Herbalism honestly didn’t do much for me.

I was very underwhelmed when I used Herbalism. Of course, I used the whole thing up since I’d paid for it and it didn’t seem to actually be hurting my skin, but it wasn’t noticably helping it either. It just didn’t really do anything. Needless to say, I haven’t and won’t repurchase.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Herbalism won’t work for you! It’s gotten some great reviews on the website from people who suffer from bad acne, so don’t let me put you off trying it. What I would recommend though, if you want to try it out, is going into a Lush store and asking for a sample. That way you can try it out on your skin and if it doesn’t agree with you, you won’t have wasted your money on the full-sized product. I often do this with products I want to try.

$19.50 per 100g.

Let the Good Times Roll.



It must be said, first of all, that this cleanser smells divine. It’s supposed to smell like popcorn, but to me it smells like fresh warm biscuits – it’s so good you’ll want to eat it, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Let The Good Times Roll is a very soft, smooth cleanser with maize flour to gently exfoliate your skin, and cinnamon powder to revive your complexion. It’s super softening, a real decadent treat for the face.

I love this cleanser and have gone through two tubs of it in the past, it’s that good! I also feel like I can safely recommend it to anyone, because it smells delicious and I feel like it would be great for pretty much any skin type. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it comes with whole popcorns on top of it, which I wish they wouldn’t do because it’s annoying when you’re in the shower like, what the hell am I meant to do with these popcorns? But don’t let that deter you from giving it a go, because it really is a lovely product.

$19.50 per 100g.


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