Midwinter Lushmas 2016


In New Zealand and Australia, we’re lucky enough to experience Lushmas twice a year.  If you’re at all familiar with Lush, you’ll know that every year they bring out a pretty spectacular range of limited edition, Christmas-themed products. It’s always an exciting time of year when the Christmas stuff pops up in stores and online, but because it’s the heat of summer here in December we never really get to experience many of the products – particularly the bath stuff – at their right time of year.

Last July, Lush released a smaller range of limited-edition Christmas stuff, and I was so happy when I found out they’d done it again this year. It was perfectly timed with my own midwinter Christmas celebrations. I managed to pick up the entire range of Christmas bath stuff, as well as the two shower gels, so I thought I’d do a little review on the products I tried.

Candy Mountain bubble bar


As the name suggests, this bubble bar is very sparkly and very sweet. It has a soft vanilla scent which reminds me less of candy and more of ice cream, but when you look at it you understand why it’s called Candy Mountain. With its pink and white swirls, it reminds me of a candy cane – very festive! I had this bubble bar last time it came out, at actual Christmastime in summer, and I think I enjoyed it more this time around just because the mounds of sweet bubbles made me feel all cosy and snug. Overall this isn’t a bubble bar I’d rush out to buy, but it did make a lovely bath and I think people who love all things pink and sweet and sparkly (aka Snow Fairy fans!) would love a good Candy Mountain. I give it 7/10 floating unicorns.

Drummers Drumming


I’ve never tried this one before, so I was excited to give it a go. Even though, looking at it, even I will admit it’s a little ridiculous and a lot silly. But they do say Christmas is the silly season, so I guess it’s fitting. I think it’s very silly, but I also kinda loved it when I picked it up because it’s so interactive! If you shake it or twirl it you’ll discover the bells really do make a noise. A very Christmassy noise.

Drummers Drumming is a reusable bubble bar, so you just swish it around under the running tap or in your bath for a bit, then put it to the side and use it again for your next bath. Don’t do what I did and use it all at once, unless you want to be positively swamped with bubbles. As far as value for money goes, this is the one you’d want to get as I reckon you could get three or four decent bubble baths out of it.

All that said, Drummers Drumming was not an instant favourite for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and it was nice, but I didn’t love it and I probably wouldn’t get it again except to enjoy the novelty factor of the freaking bells. And I’ve got a jingly reindeer headband for that anyway. The reason I didn’t love Drummers Drumming was because I felt that it didn’t have a very festive scent at all, which is what I wanted from the midwinter Christmas range. It just smelt like generic Lush. 5/10 little drummer boys.

Lord of Misrule bath bomb


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Lord of Misrule. I’ve raved about it so many times on my various social media, but in case someone’s reading this and doesn’t know: this bath bomb is literally everything. It’s a bright festive green, but when you put it in your bath it puts on a stunning show of green and pink and glitter, eventually turning the bath water such a deep blue that it almost looks black. By candlelight, you feel like you’re floating through the milky way. If the milky way smelt like black pepper and patchouli (such a wonderful combination). It also has popping candy in it, which makes your bath sounds like a crackling fire. So freaking Christmassy!

This year’s batch of Lord of Misrule was extra incredible. I don’t know what they did, maybe updated the recipe (did it always have popping candy? I don’t remember, but I loved it), all I know is that for some reason this Lord of Misrule was even more beautiful, mystical and otherworldly than any I’ve had in the past. 11/10.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb


I reviewed this one on my blog when it came out last Christmas, and you may remember I wasn’t a fan. I decided to give it another chance, seeing as this time around I’d be having it in winter – the right time of year for a big ol’ pudding. I used it with some blue Fun, seeing as they share the same lavender scent. And I was conflicted. I wanted to like it, I really did. But I’m just not sold.

Here’s what I liked: it’s certainly a visual feast. Luxury Lush Pud is probably one of the most beautiful festive bath bombs – I mean, just look at it! It’s so colourful, and so well-made. You can tell a lot of care has gone into making each one. And when you put it in the bath it certainly puts on a colourful show too.

I wasn’t so much a fan of the pink ring it left around the bath, which was the biggest problem I had with it last time. I also don’t tend to associate the lavender scent with winter or Christmas – it’s more of a spring scent to me. In all honesty, from now on I think I’ll stick to Twilight bath bombs, which have the exact same scent, don’t leave a tidemark and are almost a dollar cheaper. Overall, I give Luxury Lush Pud 5/10 Christmas puddings.

Rose Jam shower gel


I don’t even need to say anything about Rose Jam – you all already know how much I like it.  I’m okay with the fact that it doesn’t smell ultra Christmassy because the scent is literally the best scent ever. It’s a glorious dark pink and lathers beautifully. 20/10 festive floral bouquets.

Snow Fairy shower gel


I haven’t had a Snow Fairy shower gel since December 2014, but when they came out for midwinter Christmas I knew I had to get one, given that Snow Fairy is the Lush Christmas shower gel that comes out every year. I’ve been using it all July, and while many find it too sweet, I’ve been loving it. As you’d expect, it’s very pink and very glittery and, yes, very sweet. It smells like candyfloss, and it’s super potent – the smell lingers on my skin all day. Which I love. But if you’re not into sweet scents, this is definitely not for you. I have to say, most times of the year I probably wouldn’t be so into it myself, but I’ve been loving it for the middle of winter. There’s something about the bright sugary sweetness of this gel that just makes me feel so cheery. It also contains carrageenan extract, which makes my skin feel so soft after using it. It’s just a very happy shower gel! 9/10 snow fairies.

Yog Nog bath bomb


Of Lush’s midwinter bath range, Yog Nog bath bomb is definitely the most Christmassy. Shea butter, cocoa butter and clove bud oil give Yog Nog a crazy festive scent, this lovely blend of toffee and spices. I remember using one last year when they came out as part of the Christmas range, and when I put it in the bath, that famous scent (the same scent as the Yog Nog soap that everyone loves) changed into this weird lime cordial powder scent for some reason. It could just have been a bad batch, but I wasn’t a fan.

It turns out that sometimes, giving bath bombs a second chance can be worth it. This time around, I loved my Yog Nog. I don’t know if I’d just gotten a bad batch last time, or if they’ve changed the recipe since, but whatever the reason for the improvement, I’m converted. I was happy to find that this time the scent didn’t change when introduced to water, and it made for a truly decadent bath which was just perfect for winter. I was a very happy human. 10/10 glasses of egg nog.

Overall, the products I really recommend are Lord of Misrule, Rose Jam, Snow Fairy and Yog Nog. Products I really wish Lush had brought out for winter that they didn’t: Cinders bath bomb, Father Christmas bath bomb, Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, Xmas Kisses bubble bar. I really hope that they bring out a midwinter Lushmas range next year, and that it includes more of my festive favourites.


6 thoughts on “Midwinter Lushmas 2016

    • Hi there, and thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I feel very lucky that we get to have Lushmas twice a year here! That sounds like it would have been great too, though. I don’t have any stuff left from last Christmas haha, used it all many months ago!

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    • Thank you so much! Luxury Lush Pud is a work of art. So beautifully crafted and cheerful. I just don’t love the pink tide marks it makes on my bathtub haha. Hope you’re enjoying all the Christmas Lush stuff out at the moment! x

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