Straight Outta Instagram

Sunday 13th March: Autumn in the city.

I know, I know; my posting has been all over the place lately. It’s been a busy time lately, so you’ll have to bear with me while all these sporadic posts are going on. I’ve been gramming pretty heartily this past week, and I wanted to create a look back at my past week using photos from my Instagram feed – complete with the original captions, of course.

Monday 14th March: Me in the uni library, using my tote bag as a pillow and waiting for the next bout of phlegm (also waiting for best friend to finish her readings).
Tuesday 15th March: Had a dope Skype session with a class in the US for one of my media papers this morning. Now it’s history readings etc while listening to some local reggae.
At 5pm the daily migration of students begins. Seen here, a herd flocks down the notorious Wellington landmark known as “Mount Street”. It was previously unknown how these herds of students are able to cooperate in such large numbers. However, recent research aided by new technologies has revealed a uniting factor: tens of thousands of dollars of debt.



Wednesday 16th March: I’m waiting for my margarita pizza. The weather today is dismal and nope and I wish I was in a hot bath drinking tea.



Thursday 17th March: My wonderful mummy treated me to this adorable gingerbread. It was a conflicting experience: he was delicious, but he also looked so cute that every bite pained me (and him, probably).


Friday 18th March: I spent most of my morning watching Cian Twomey and now I gotta try and make up for that with some study. Of course, I’m also in white girl heaven.


Saturday 19th March: Bloody beautiful day to share in the CupaDupa festivities. Thank you Cuba Street for providing me with clandestine encounters and culinary delights. Even if I did lose my jacket.


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