Hi there. I have a couple of half-finished posts sitting in my drafts this Sunday, but it’s been a busy week and one way or another I never got around to finishing them. Rather than rush to finish them off, I think I’ll take another week so that I’ll have time to make them the best they can be. Instead, this week I present to you a video I made for my YouTube channel about the city where I’ve lived for over three years now.

I’ve met a lot of people who say that they could never live in a place like Wellington. And I understand that. There are about five days a year of gorgeous weather; the rest of the time it’s windy as fuck and wildly unpredictable. Winter here is long and grim. There are hills everywhere (the one I have to climb to get to uni has been lovingly nicknamed “fuck-off hill” in my friend group), and trust me when I say they never get easier. Rent prices are inanely steep, and you don’t get a lot for your dollar. Food is expensive everywhere. The list goes on.

All that said, I loved spending a few days going to some of my favourite places in the city, and filming them for this video. There’s a lot to love about Wellington, if you can get past the wind and the hills and all that other stuff. I hope my video shows that it can really be a beautiful place. And for someone like me, it’s the perfect place to be. Even before I moved here to study in 2013, whenever I visited Wellington it always felt like coming home.

I’m proud of my big little city, and proud of the video I made about it. I hope you enjoy it.


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