Iron Beth is one year old today! It honestly feels like only yesterday that I was sat here in front of my very first post, all written up and ready to go. How has it been a year since then? I still remember hitting publish on that first post, and feeling a mixture of nervousness, excitement and satisfaction to see it go live. And now I have a whole year’s worth of blogging to look back on. That’s pretty fucking cool.

I’m incredibly proud of my little Internet baby. I know that this blog is only one tiny grain of sand on the 90-mile beach that is the Internet, but it’s actually been a pretty important part of my life for a year now. I’ve talked about a lot on here – not just related to anxiety and mental health, but other issues as well, and posts about my personal life adventures (and, of course, who could forget the posts about Lush). Uploading a blog post every Sunday has been a constant through the good weeks and the bad. I’ve shared some of my healthiest moments with you and some of the cool things I’ve gotten to do, and I’ve also shared with you some of the times when I just felt really crap and miserable. And doing all that has helped me more than I anticipated it would.

In that very first blog post, I wrote,

So here we go. I’m going to aim to write a new post for IronBeth every Sunday for a year. Even while uni’s on. Even if I’m so deep in assignments and deadlines that I can’t see my belly button, I’m gonna post something here. I hope you’ll join me on this tiny, huge, scary, exciting adventure of getting better that I’m embarking on.

I’m enormously proud of the fact that I never missed a week. Every Sunday for a year I uploaded a new post. Not all of the posts were very long, or very good. They weren’t all about mental illness or my recovery. But that wasn’t the point: the point was to commit to creating new content and meeting a deadline every single week for a year. A small feat for many, maybe, but a big deal for someone whose anxiety was often aggravated by looming deadlines. Even when I was depressed, even when I’d had a really stressful week, even when I had ridiculous amounts of uni work, even when I was anxious I posted on here. To me that’s a pretty damn good effort.

I truly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, follow my blog, like my Facebook page, leave me a comment or send me a message. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, not only on this blog but in real life with my recovery journey. Thank you to everyone who has extended compassion, understanding and encouragement towards me. Thank you to everyone who has extended the same to anyone who suffers from a mental illness. It’s appreciated maybe more than you know.

Here are a few of my favourite posts that I’ve written in the past year…


What’s next for Iron Beth? To be honest, I’m still not too sure what I want my blog to look like in 2016. Having reached my goal of posting every week for a year, I could throw in the towel – but I’m not going to. I know that I want to continue to grow my readership, and also get more involved in the blogging community (i.e. read and comment on more blogs, become friends with bloggers who have similar content). I know that I’ll probably keep posting every Sunday, or at least most Sundays, for the foreseeable future. I may even post at other times during the week too – if there’s something I wanna share, why hold back? As you might know, a loose goal I set myself for 2016 is to upload a video to my YouTube channel every Friday for the whole of 2016. It’s a step up, but one I’m already finding myself enjoying.

As for content, I know I wanna keep talking about mental illness and trying to do my part to raise awareness. I also want to try and tackle some other Serious Topics as well, but those kinds of posts are always a lot of work. Maybe I’ll embrace the beauty blogger within me a little more, which might mean you start seeing makeup and skincare posts popping up a little more regularly. I don’t know. There’s lots I want to talk about! I guess we’ll find out. I wanted to do something a lil bit extra to celebrate my blog turning one, so next week there’s a special post to look forward to. Beyond that, though, I have no idea what I’m going to blog about, and that’s exciting.

Well, here’s cheers to what will hopefully be another prosperous year of blogging, growing and learning! If you’ve been following since the beginning, I hope you’ll stay with me. And if you’re new to my blog, welcome and allons-y!



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