Comet: A Photoessay


This week’s blog post is going to be a bit light on text. There’s a couple of reasons for that: 1) sometimes it’s nice to have a break from writing a 1-2k word post every week, and 2) I wanna show off my adorable cat.

Comet is eleven years old, turning twelve this year. It’s hard to believe I got her all the way back in spring of 2004, when I myself was only ten years old. She’s done pretty well to still be here, and she’s had a pretty great life.

Most pet owners will tell you their pet is the best pet in the world ever, which I’m sure is true in their eyes, but objectively it’s probably not. However, I am of the opinion that Comet is the best cat to ever grace the Earth. She’s a complete princess, but she’s also intelligent, sassy, and funny – which is why I love her. She’s this amusing blend of extremely proud and incredibly insecure, which is what I believe is the reason for her continued survival and good health. She still plays around, jumps up on the fence and catches birds (one a day at the moment, possibly more) like she’s about three years old. She’s also incredibly adorable, which certainly does nothing to hurt my case that she is the best cat ever.

Here’s a photoessay about Comet, of photos I’ve collected of her over the last few months. Hopefully by the end of it, you’ll be as convinced as I am that she is indisputably the best.



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