Last-Minute Christmas Gifting


If you’re anything like I am this year, you’ll have done your Christmas shopping in October and be feeling pretty chill about presents this year. If you’re anything like I was every other year ever, you’ll have barely even thought about Christmas and be scrambling to get something together that seems like you put a lot of time and effort into it.

love giving people presents, it’s one of my favourite things ever – especially when you find the absolute perfect gift for someone and you know they’re going to love it. 

But let’s be real, Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year. Not only do you have to get presents for everyone, but everyone else is doing the same thing, so the later you leave it, the more chaotic the shops are going to be. Not to mention the amount of money you end up throwing at this particular holiday. With that in mind, I thought I’d compile a list of ideas for last-minute presents, for when you really can’t be assed putting a lot of thought into the whole thing but still want to give your people something they’ll enjoy.


Last-Minute Present Ideas

Make something. This may sound kinda lame and a lazy way out, but it’s really not. And it’s especially good if you’re a creative soul. Whatever you like doing (drawing, painting, sewing, woodwork, making music), you can make personalized gifts for friends, baes and family. Handmade gifts are cute and thoughtful, and if you spend a little bit of time and effort, you can come out with something that will be treasured for years. It’ll also be a fun process if you’re doing what you love. Wrap it up in some nice wrapping paper and boom.

Get them an experience. This is a personal favourite of mine for when I get stuck for ideas on the perfect gift. Instead of getting them something tangible that they may or may not like, get them an experience they’ll really enjoy. This experience can be anything from taking them to lunch at their favourite cafe to a trip to the theatre/movies/orchestra to a fun adventure day on the train or ferry. Obviously you’re limited here by how much dollar you’ve got to throw around, but even just a lunch out can be a lovely gift, and it won’t break the bank!

Get them the essentials. When I was a kid, I never understood why adults gave each other food processors and socks for Christmas. But now that I’m 21 and bloody boring, I fully understand it. Never underestimate the boring essentials: homeware, linen and clothing are excellent things to give. Trust me! One can never have enough mugs, socks, and tea towels – those things are always breaking, getting lost or wearing out. One year, when I was working at Kmart, I loaded a bunch of kitchenware into my basket after I’d finished a shift and gave it to my parents for Christmas. The things I got them still get used.

If you’re really opposed to giving such “boring” gifts, though, you could always pop into Briscoes and wander the aisles looking for a fun little extra thing they could add to their kitchen/bathroom/bedroom. (Just make sure it’s something that has a practical use. There’s nothing worse than getting a gift you know you’re just never going to use.)

Gift cards. I know there are some people who hate giving gift cards, and see them as the ultimate cop-out. I, however, think they’re great. I like both giving and receiving them. And just because you’re giving a gift card, doesn’t mean you can’t be thoughtful about it. Just think: where does your person love to shop? For example, for me the obvious answer would be Lush, though a gift card to any place that sells clothes or makeup would also be well appreciated. For another example, my brother is a total petrolhead, so if I was going to get him a gift card, Supercheap Auto would be the place to go.

In a way, gift cards are the ultimate present: you’re giving people the opportunity to choose their own damn gift. Which eliminates the anxiety of oh god will they like this???? what if they hate it????  Plus they’re usually no hassle at all to pick up.

When in doubt, chocolate! If you’re really really stuck… Okay, I will concede that this one is a complete cop-out. But some people are bloody hard to buy for, and at the end of the day, everyone loves chocolate. The great thing is that, with it being Christmas and all, the shops are filled with lovely Christmassy chocolates that you can only get at this time of the year. So if you’re going to go down the chocolate route, I’d suggest staying away from the Cadbury stuff and spending that few extra dollars on a box of Lindt chocolates or Ferrero Rocher.

Note: this option is no good if you’re trying to buy for a gluten-free dairy-free vegan. In this case, I’d suggest a bunch of Christmas kale.


My cheeky wishlist

I always find it hard to think of what I want for Christmas when people ask me. The older I get, the less cool my wishlist looks. But I’ve had a think about some things I’d enjoy receiving, on the off chance that someone trying to buy for me is reading my blog.

  • This first one is probably a pipe dream cos they ain’t exactly cheap, but I’ve had my eye on an Instax Mini instant photo camera for a while now. I just think polaroid pictures are so bloody cool. It would be amazing to be able to take pictures and have them printed out right then and there.
  • Basically anything from Lush is always a safe bet for me.
  • Another safe bet would be a gift card to Farmers, Glassons, or basically anywhere else that sells makeup and/or pretty clothes.
  • A good cook book never goes unwanted.
  • Same goes for good books generally – encourage me to read over summer, because everyone knows I’m terrible at it!
  • If you want to get me a lifetime ban on buying shitty foods, go right ahead. Lord knows someone needs to.

I hope you’re all keeping safe and enjoying yourselves in the lead-up to Christmas! What’s on your Christmas wish list?



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