Spoopy Saturday (On Sunday)

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Happy Halloween!

As I’m typing this it’s Halloween, aka Spoopy Saturday. It’s also one day since my last assignment for the year was due. Having just spent the week writing and editing a 40-page portfolio for my stagewriting class, one prominent theme of which was mental illness, I didn’t really feel like sitting down to write a lengthy blog post on mental illness, jafeel? So instead (and appropriately, I feel, given the spooky holiday we’re currently celebrating) I’ve decided to write some light fluffy nonsense about Halloween/my life/related whatevers. In case you hadn’t sussed it by now, I’ve not planned this post at all. Get rekt m8.

I’ve been weirdly excited about Halloween this year. I got into it a little last year and went to a Halloween party dressed as a hipster (“the scariest thing I could think of”). But in previous years, I’ve never really celebrated it at all. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m becoming more aware of the holiday, or if it’s that it’s actually becoming a bigger thing here in New Zealand, but it seems that way to me. Wandering around central Wellington this afternoon, I saw lots of people – both kids and adults – dressed in their spoopiest attire. When I was out picking up bits and pieces for my Halloween costume, everyone else was in the stores buying up cheap plastic scythes and devil horns and fake blood. (I’m going to attempt to make my own fake blood. Wish me luck.)

It was never something I used to care about, but this year I’ve gotten into the spirit and gone all-out. The stage in my life where I was Too Cool to celebrate holidays has long passed (RIP fifteen-year-old Beth) and I’m now getting childishly involved in both Halloween and the upcoming Christmas festivities. I think this is the most excited for Christmas I’ve been since I was about ten. Which is cool! It’s good to have things to look forward to! The only thing I lament is that I’m not somewhere in the northern hemisphere (i.e. somewhere cold and wintery and snowy) so I could properly appreciate the holiday spirit with cosy chai lattes and hot bubble baths and an endless array of bright woollen jumpers. On the bright side, maybe I’ll be able to spend Christmas Day working on my tan.

I’ve also been taking some time out after the university year (for me, anyway), has drawn to a close. A little break has been much anticipated, as I – like every other student in the universe – was very very done with essay-writing and deadlines and readings et cetera. Next week, my focus is going to be on getting a job for over the summer. Which, if you’ve watched my vlogs from last week, you’ll know is one of my least favourite tasks in the universe. In fact, it’s one which I’m trying to avoid thinking about because it gives me great anxiety. But when the time comes to get into it, get into it I shall. And if I don’t manage to land a job this week, I’ll be going back to the bay on Friday for a lil break and time with my family. And I’m pretty excited for that.

I went to Starbucks aka White Girl Heaven today and realised I had a free drink on my loyalty card, so I went all out on┬átheir special Halloween drink, a “Frapula Frappucinno”. #sobasic #spoopy #spoopoween #yaaasqueen

12187781_1013602218684687_1653385209085089267_n 12187781_1013602218684687_1653385209085089267_n

Tonight I’m going all out on my costume too. The look I’m going for is: princess who flew into a murderous rage after she found out she wasn’t going to ascend to the throne and become queen of the land. It’s a pretty involved costume idea I know, and I’m sure I’ll have to explain what I am throughout the night, but I’m excited to see if I can pull it off.

11116536_1013342965377279_497149314945826680_n 12196169_1013602315351344_3223579106072873927_n 12189149_1013603702017872_3110823995214751537_n12187882_1013604398684469_2820764702190343141_n

Here are some pictures of my costume. Given it was my first attempt at a spooky scary costume (including making fake blood), I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

I’m excited to relax for a bit after a stressful semester at uni. It’s going to be good to have some time that’s just for me, to unwind and get some energy back.


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