A Week With Anxiety (Vlogs)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Funny story about today’s blog post. I had something in the works all week, but this week.. has been pretty crazy, and I just never got around to finishing it. Which is unfortunate. But I’m sure you all understand that life gets this way sometimes.

Luckily though, over on my YouTube channel (and for those of you who follow me on Facebook), I’ve been posting a vlog every day this week from Monday to Friday. The purpose of this exercise was to just take you through a week in the life of someone with an anxiety disorder, and I specifically wanted to try and vlog any moments of anxiety I experienced throughout the week. I had a lot of fun filming and editing these vlogs, and I’m going to post them all below so you can check them out if you want to. There’ll also be one more vlog for the weekend coming out sometime later today probably, so check back here if you’re interested in seeing that one too. Enjoy!


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