You guys know I love Lush and makeup and scented candles and basically anything in those veins. I’m also pretty into skincare, especially for the last year or so, which I would argue is a pretty important part of self-care. Whereas makeup today is very gendered, which is something I talked about in my makeup post, I’d also argue that skincare is not a “girl” thing and is more of an everyone thing. I don’t care who you are, your skin is your biggest organ and it’s got to last you your whole life, so you should show it some tender loving care on a daily basis.

On that note, I wanted to share my current skincare routine with you.

My morning routine begins with cleansing, which I do in the shower. For those of you who don’t know, a cleanser is – as the name suggests – a product which cleanses your skin of dirt, oil and dead skin. A good cleanser will help prevent breakouts and keep your skin clean and clear. Up until recently I used the Nu Skin Clear Action Foaming Cleanser, which worked really well for me the entire time I used it. I also really like the simple packaging it comes in. If you’ve got the dollars, I’d strongly recommend it.

It is pretty pricey though (my daddy used to buy it for me lelele), so I’ve recently switched to Angels On Bare Skin by Lush. No surprises there. It’s a lot more affordable though, and so far I really like it. You only need a little bit each time, which you make into a paste with a little bit of water and then scrub all over your face. It smells amazing and works as a cleanser and exfoliator in one. I’m pretty happy with it.


The next (and my favourite) step in my routine is toner. I was introduced to the wonders of toner – which works to further cleanse as well as refresh the skin – by my flatmate Kate last year, and have since been unable to go without. My current toner is Tea Tree Water by Lush, which, by their description,

comes to the aid of skin that has emergencies. Tea tree is a wonder antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient for anyone with oily or spot prone skin.


You can use this toner either by spraying it onto your skin and then wiping away with a cotton pad, or straight onto the cotton pad and then wiping all over your face. I have no preference and tend to alternate.

After toning, you should always moisturise, because toner can dry out your skin. I’m very bad at not skipping this step, but I’ve been trying to get better at it recently. This may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t use a Lush moisturiser (and probably never will). Instead I’m using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin at the moment, which I find is okay – it does the job, anyway. It’s oil-free, which is a prerequisite for any moisturiser I use, because I find oil-based moisturisers contribute to breakouts. Kate has an amazing moisturiser by Sukin that smells like cake, which I sometimes steal and will probably switch to once I finish my current moisturiser.


While on the topic of moisturisers, if you’re looking for a good moisturiser for your hands (especially good to have during the winter, when I at least find my skin is more prone to drying and cracking, I can recommend this moisturiser by New Zealand skincare company DermaLab. This stuff is super potent – a little goes a long way – but it works really well without leaving your hands feeling greasy like a lot of moisturisers do. I also love that it’s made using natural ingredients such as manuka honey, oatmeal and shea butter.

This next step is optional, but I like to do a bit of spot treat after moisturising if I’ve got a few noticeable spots or am having a breakout. I use Grease Lightning by – you guessed it – Lush (do I even really need to specify this anymore). It has witch hazel, tea tree oil and rosemary in it to help get rid of pimples, and you can apply it whenever you want – I usually put it on in the mornings after I moisturise and again onto clean skin just before I go to sleep.


Something I don’t do every day but like to do around once a week is a face mask. There are loads of different ones out there, and they all do a bunch of different things – some are designed to soften and moisturise the skin; some are made to draw dirt out of the pores; others fight acne and blemishes and so on. The one I’m currently using is the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask in Avocado & Oatmeal, which I apply all over my face (except for my eye area) and down onto my jaw, and let harden for ten minutes before washing it off. I really like this mask because it leaves my skin feeling super tight and clean afterwards.

I’m also a big fan of their chocolate and strawberry clay mask, because it smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling really soft and fresh.


My nighttime skincare routine is slightly different. If I’ve been wearing makeup that day, I start by taking it all off. I use Revlon’s makeup remover (which I unfortunately couldn’t find a link to) for my eye makeup, which I apply generously to a cotton pad and then press gently against my closed eyelid and hold for a minute or so. I find this takes off most of my eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara without being too rough on my sensitive eye area. I try to avoid rubbing at my eyes with makeup remover as much as possible to look after the skin.

Then I use makeup wipes to get the worst of my foundation etc off. I’m not really fussy about which brand I use and just tend to get whatever’s on special, though I am a fan of the Simple makeup wipes as well as the Garnier ones. I use makeup wipes mainly because I’m lazy and it takes hardly any time at all.

I’ve very recently incorporated the 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion into my makeup removal process. When I first got this cleanser I used it in the shower as my morning cleanser, but I wasn’t really enjoying it. Then I heard it was amazing at removing makeup, so I swapped it out for Angels on Bare Skin in the shower and started using it before bed. And it is honestly freaking amazing. It smells lovely, it’s super gentle and so easy to use, which is perfect if you’re a lazy ass like me. I just rub it into my skin and wipe it away with a cotton pad and it gets all the stuff my makeup wipe missed. On the days when I haven’t been wearing makeup, I use it as a cleanser before bed. Would highly highly recommend 9 to 5 for anyone who wants a gentle but super effective makeup remover, or a lazyass nighttime cleanser – or both! Once I figured out how to use this product right, I’ve been so happy with it.


I then finish up my nighttime routine by toning and moisturising as I mentioned above, and spot treating if my skin needs it. I used to be terribly lazy with my skincare and wouldn’t even tone before bed; I also often went to bed with a full face of makeup on and would regularly regret it when I woke up the next morning with my skin feeling gross and eye makeup smeared all over my pillowcase. Nowadays I feel weird if I get into bed without at least having toned first. Going to bed with clean skin just feels so good, and you wake up the next morning feeling better for it too!


What are your skincare staples? Feel free to leave me a comment letting me know, I always love to hear new recommendations.


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