Happy Easter Sunday!

Easter has always been my favourite holiday. But this year it’s particularly welcome because it means a long-anticipated proper break from the stresses of university. These past couple of weeks have been pretty rough on the whole. Last week I found out I have shingles, which hit me pretty hard. I was just tired and coldy and generally unwell, and just in time for the pre-break work crush. I had three assignments due in this week, so to be honest the past wee while has just been a blur of research and referencing and frantic typing.

I got everything in before it was due, though, which I’m pretty proud of. But unfortunately, a very high-stress, low-energy couple of weeks culminated in a panic attack for me on Thursday night – the first really bad one in months. Luckily Luke was with me, and he was able to help me through it. It would have been much shittier if I’d been on my own.

I had an anxiety-related blog post all planned for this Sunday, but having finished uni and travelled home, all I really want to do is chill the fuck out for a bit. So, instead, this week’s blog post is gonna be a (mainly pictorial) life update. Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying over the Easter weekend.


Good Friday: the weather back home is amazing. And it’s so warm!

IMG_0603 IMG_0609

Lots of bright red things. Mum is growing lots of capsicums at the moment (left), and they are so pretty.


IMG_0614 IMG_0639


Happy to be reunited with my princess, Comet.


Happy also to be enjoying the hot, still, summery Hawke’s Bay weather.

IMG_0647 IMG_0646

And, of course, no Easter is complete without copious amounts of chocolate intake.

IMG_0657 IMG_0655


On Saturday, my parents cooked an amazing roast turkey dinner, which we enjoyed with some wine (chardonnay and viognier). It was a spiritual experience.


Then there was fruit salad for dessert, and I hung out with Comet a lot and took way too many pictures of her being an adorable princess.


IMG_0680  IMG_0672


I had a lovely quiet Sunday morning at the market today. The weather was suitably autumnal but also still super lovely and warm.


Here’s me chilling amongst all the marketgoers (read: thinking about food).


Then I went to morning tea with family, where I had tea (of course) and a spinach and feta pizza. And it was pretty great.

IMG_0736 IMG_0738

All-in-all I’d say I had an A+ weekend. Most importantly, it was very restful, which was exactly what I needed after a couple of weeks of hard slogging. I’m feeling a lot better now than I did on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead.

I hope you all had a safe and happy Easter, and ate a lot of chocolate and did not much else, cos sometimes you just gotta do that.


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